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The importance of balloon printing ink

2018/8/23      view:

All the features of the balloon printing machine which has in the screen printing, silk screen printing ink's durability is one of the most important, and, a decorative methods balloon screen printing is currently widely popular. Solvent and UV curable inks to print bring rich color, but also help them to avoid damage during operation, and is worn, faded and other environmental factors. Used in conjunction with the function of printing ink and the durability of the substrate, can bring us remarkable performance, superior effect of printed matter.

Many high-performance balloon machine screen printing products have the characteristics of the latex balloon printing materials, such as steel and aluminum. Latex balloon logo, signage, appliances, signs and decorations, containers and many other printing products, these products generally have a lot of balloons, screen printing ink printing image and symbol. But the production of the printing experience for those who are not printed on the latex balloon on the balloon screen printing factory, is a huge challenge.

When you want to print in the latex balloon materials, your homework must be done well. To understand the natural properties of the latex balloon into the coating material, manufacturing tolerance of these materials as well as the best ink / substrate combinations, the printing of the success or failure plays a decisive role in. Printing to the effective use of these materials, we must know in advance to the main properties of these latex balloon materials. In addition, to find suitable for different materials and balloon screen printing ink of different image requirements.

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