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Balloon printing emulsion ink features.

2018/9/12      view:

Automatic balloon printing machine when printed latex balloon, the balloon printing emulsion ink professional

The characteristics of ink: ink, emulsion is light good extensibility, good rebound elasticity;

Application: balloon inflatable toys, latex, rubber etc.

Scope of application: natural latex material balloons can use latex inks

Dhysical properties: the net: 100~200

Dry time table: 10-15 minutes

Work time: 12-24 hours

Defoaming agent: 9108 special ink defoamer

Deep overburden area: 1kg emulsion ink can be printed 40 square meters

Color matching system: only available latex inks are formulated, shall not be mixed with other types of ink.

Danger: danger fourth class second petroleum safe custody:

In order to protect the skin and eye, please wear protective gloves and goggles. If the skin inadvertently stained with ink, wash thoroughly with soap, please see a doctor if contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water after.

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