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The specifications of balloon

2018/7/17      view:
Nikki zhang
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                              The specifications of balloon 

1. The size of the balloon is named after the inflatable diameter of the balloon. For example, a 5 inch balloon (or a 5 inch ball) is a balloon with a diameter of 5 inches, an inch equal to about 2.54 cm, and a balloon inflated with a diameter of about 12 cm or 10 inches; a balloon after inflating is 25 cm in diameter. There are also 12-inch, 16-inch, 24-inch and 36-inch balloons. 

2. Balloon specifications are also expressed in grams, such as 1.8 grams is our abbreviation 180 balloons. Weight is one of the reference criteria for balloon quality. For example, a balloon of the same size (10 inch ball) will have a better mass than a light balloon. 

3. The size of the balloon is also indicated by numbers, 5 is equal to 5 inch balloon, 6 ball is 10 inch balloon, 8 ball is 12 inch balloon.

4.Quanzhou Taifeng Machinery Technology Co . , Ltd . is located in Quanzhou , Fujian Province . It is a professional manufacturer of latex product dipping equipment , balloon dipping machine and various balloon printing equipment and other large machinery companies . Since its establishment in 2014 , our products have gained good reputation in the domestic market , and stepped out of the state gate , the products exported to India , Brazil , Arabia , Thailand , Malaysia and other countries.

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