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Automatic soft ceramic tile making machine production line


Automatic Soft Ceramic Tiles Production Line

1) Brief description:

This set of equipment is suitable for producing all kinds of different soft ceramic tiles, what’s more, the biggest different point from traditional production process is that it has already achieved to continuously produce, and the production efficiency has got more innovational rising by contrast with previous traditional production process. In addition, production line can be custom made as per buyers’ requirements, for instance, splitting and rewinding can be finished on the progress of running, and it can be cut in all kinds of different specifications and shapes, and then automatic being packaged at the same time. It is ideal option for mass production.


一、Item name: soft brick building material production facility/Softy ceramic tile manufacturing line

二、technological process : Natural color sand is its key material, equipped with high-molecular polymer, fiber resistance and advanced composite material, it will be finished in auto production line and after through press coating, dehydration, finished, cutting etc.

三、 Facility flow process (Length: 47-70-80m)

Stir system→ Stone-like coating/Multi-color paint coating equipment→ Three-dimensional drying system→ Rewinding system→ Cutting dedicated device


一、Production power: 150kw.

二、Production capacity: 2200m2/24hours

三、Worker: 6-8 people/shift

2) Machine view

3) Product view

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